Sunday, 5 November 2017

Veterans day message

Whenever someone serves a nation, he needs to be honored and Veterans day is one occasion dedicated to those warriors who completely devoted themselves to the country. Every year, the day of Eleventh Nov is dedicated to the ex-military Warriors known as Veterans Day.  If YOu want to read latest happy veterans day quotes click here. Happy Veterans day was  called as Armistice Day till 1954.

There are several ways to offer gratitude to the veterans of your company this Veterans day.  If you are looking for some unusual methods to honor this Veterans day, you might want to look at the following ways.

1.  Give them a treat

First of all, you can start the day by taking them out  A simple lunch outing can work great for the day.  Local citizens can also join the meal and here veterans can talk about their armed service life.  Even if it is a simple one, taking all of them for outing can really make their day.

2.  Acknowledge their achievements

How does your organization manage inner interactions?  What a great idea would it be to make your other employees aware of the interests, accomplishments as well as lifestyle of these men using these tool.   If you do this, there are 2 benefits. First, you can bring some good productivity tips to your civilian colleague. Second, is building more trust and understanding between retired army guys as well as civilian people.

3.  Highlight their experiences

Keeping all respect along with sensitivity in mind, you can give their lifestyle story hand.  If you know about someone who wants to inquire regarding career life in army, this step can give them a platform.   Sharing the story of old soldiers with customers and also suppliers can also be a good idea.

4.  Take care of their loved ones

Whenever a army guy commits for the country, it impacts their families as well.   Any armyman with a family behind, needs to make his family too live a military lifestyle.  If you want to do something unusual, you may send some goodies to their loved ones as thank you note.

5.  Provide help to Veterans

Veteran Service Organization (VSO) are kind of groups who provide full support for retired army guys and the families.  Many of the veteran’s face problems like PTSD, equine therapy, etc, in this situation these communities play major role in helping them. So if you want to step out of your comfort zone, join one of such community and serve a day for those who served their lives for the land.

Veteran’s day is a reminder that serving the nation is the responsibility of all of us and the ones who do that, should have a happy life ahead.

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