Thursday, 28 July 2016

Top 6 Customer Service Trends to Boost Online Sales

Do you own an e-commerce store? Do you want to know the secrets to boost online sales? Do you want to know about online customer service secrets to increase the conversion rate? Then you are certainly at the right place. Here we will reveal to you top 5 under-the-wrap secrets to boost online sales of your e-store.

Top 6 Customer Service Trends to Boost Online Sales

1. Help them through effective communication channel

The first advice to increase conversion rate of your e-commerce store is to provide a quick and efficient channel of communication to your online customers. The goal should be to make it easy for the customers to contact you whenever they have a question regarding your product or services. Apart from the usual contact points such as email and phone, you should try to incorporate a live chat service in your website.

Most customers will not purchase a product unless they get complete information about the product. Therefore, it is important to let your customers contact you immediately at the time of need, and to be available when they do.

2. Make online shopping effortless

One of the major reasons for shopping cart abandonment includes filling out unnecessary documents and forms before check out. This makes shopping difficult for the customers. The website should be designed in such a way that makes it easy for the customers to purchase a product or service.

3. Start managing identities of your customers

 Customer identity management is another key trend that will help businesses to drive more sales, more engagement and more profit. Enabling of an efficient customer identity management solution
will help businesses not only to simplify authentication process, but also to gain reliable customer insights, single customer view and the better understanding of their customer base using tools like social login, single sign-on, etc.  

4. Try to emulate department and super stores

In designing an e-commerce website, you should take superstores such as Wal-Mart and Target as your role model. You will notice that on their websites, all the products are grouped together according to different categories.

Customers have been shopping in brick and mortar stores for decades. They expect that the online store should also offer similar level of ease and convenience in making a purchase. Therefore, if you want to boost your online sales, you should design the website in the same way. Products should be appropriately categorized according to their types. You should upload high quality images of the products. Finally, checking out should be simple requiring minimum clicks to make the purchase.

5. Utilize social media to talk with your customers

Social media has become an effective avenue to communicate with customers. Through social media, you can resolve problems customers may have through interactive conversations. Social media channels such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter cater to billions of people all over the world. These social media sites can serve as an effective tool to market your products and services. Not only that, but the social media sites can be used as a platform to maintain relationships with existing customers in order to make them loyal to your business.

6. Make your policies clear and comprehensive

Finally, you should make your policies clear and understandable for the customer. Important policies, especially those relating to shipping, tax, and returns, should be listed on every page. The elaborate policies should be written in a separate page in FAQ format. The shopping policy should be written in a simple language that a person could easily understand without much effort. This will save you lots of trouble later when customers demand additional service from you that is not included in your policy.

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