Sunday, 31 July 2016

Why Content Marketing Is The Key To Success

If you are active in the internet marketing field then you know that content is king. What exactly does this mean? Well, content is the most important aspect of a website or drawing in traffic to a website. Of course this is true. Below we will explain why it is important to have well written, properly researched content and how this can bring in traffic and or business to your website.
Poorly written or incomplete content does not do well and will turn people away from your website.

Why Content Marketing Is The Key To Success

Same goes for duplicate content. Search engines do not want to show the same result on multiple website. For example, if you are searching for tutorial on how to change your 2002 Ford Focus breaks you do not want the same tutorial showing up on the first page of the search results. You want to find ten unique pieces of content offering different ways to change your vehicle’s brakes. This means duplicate content is a big no-no. You always want original content. If you rehash an article in your own words it must be 100% unique (copyscape is a free plagiarism tool) otherwise it has no chance or ranking.

So why do you want to have unique, well written content for your website, which is content marketing, or third party sites? Simple, the better the content the better the chance it has of getting shared socially, ranking at the top of Google, and becoming an evergreen piece of content. Jumping into an article, video, press release, infographic, etc. is not the best strategy. Take your time and plan out the piece of content you plan on producing to have an outline and overall goal. Identify your target audience and make the content for them. Find a want / need and show how your knowledge can help alleviate this pain in their life.

When properly done the content piece will have taken five or more hours to create, but the time and effort will drastically pay off. Rather than writing a generic article you are offering a piece of content that surpasses everything currently out on the web. This entices other third party sites to re-share your content as well as the social factor, where it can potentially go viral.

Once a content piece becomes viral and gets shared around a lot people will begin to recognize it and the person / company that authored the piece will get recognition. This means if a content piece gets shared by a few influences in your industry the entire industry may know about you and your knowledge of that specific piece of content. SEO and a well planned content marketing strategy go hand-in-hand and nothing is going to change that, well at least not for the next few years.

Apart from that, content marketing becomes easier if you are well aware of the audience you want to target. Customer identity management tool is savior here that offers for the customer identification by collecting the reliable customer profile data while authentication process. Understanding the audience can make the process of content marketing easier and more effective.

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