Friday, 18 August 2017

Things To Know About Single Sign-On

As we see that the number of websites and online apps are rising,there is an increase in account details .

As we see that the number of websites and online apps are rising,there is an increase in account details .
It is true that we can’t login to websites without using passwords.  Passwords are important but there is no need to maintain multiple ones if the web sites you are accessing are from same business.

Hence, there comes the need of Single sign on Single sign on the not new in market, it’s been serving as best method to authenticate to multiple web at once Using SSO, you can easily simplify the complex authentication processes.  At a website which has single sign on implemented, it becomes very easy for users for login.

This Solution which we talk as SSO is basically an authentication technology to enable access to more than one applications or web properties.  All your customers need to do is just to sign in to one of the web site and rest of the websites will be authenticated automatically.

As example, let’s say there are  two websites named “a” and “b” of a business and customers have to sign in to each of these using a different set of usernames and security passwords. It is well understood that logging into each of them individually is a headache and waste of time  When the single sign on solution is implemented, this becomes very easy as the user has to login only once and he will get into the system Isn’t is awesome?

One of the great implementation of SSO we see is on Google  Once you are logged into Google mail, you can automatically logged in to Youtube, Drive, Google plus and all internet properties of Google.

Types of web SSO protocols

So, now that you have understood the basic concept of web sso,  Now, you need to know about the various protocols used while implementing sso

One of the most used SSO protocol is SAML. The SAML protocol is XML based and it is highly secure and safe. Facebook connect, OpenID connect, Microsoft connect etc. are some other Web SSO methodologies. The working principle of all of the mentioned methods are similar.

What are the benefits of SSO solution?

Reduces password fatigue

If there is no SSO, users really need to remember dozens of passwords.  Most of the consumers keep the same pair of username and password for almost all the resources they have. A very bad practice from safety perspective.

The single sign-on approach allows end users to gain access to multiple web sites using the same username and password, if they have only one password for all the resources, you can encourage end users to create a complex security password which is hard to crack or even guess.

Reduces administration cost

There is a central directory where users data and information are usually maintained. Managing identities within a core directory site will help businesses in reducing maintenance cost and support help-desk expense. The SSO technology plays a vital role in decommissioning profile of employees if they resign.

Simplifies website access process

In order to logon any website property, end users need to spend lot of time.  On the daily basis, we now have numbers of web components to access. the SSO solution makes the authentication process simple by eliminating the requirement of entering passwords for each of the web property of the same business.

Better User Experience

User experience is one of the most important pillar for a enterprise. Companies are investing lot of money in order to improve user experience. With SSO, users don’t have to remember multiple passwords, so it increases users experience.

Helps in centralizing data

Centralizing users information is very important for any company. The sso solution provides a centralized users view that helps businesses to know their users in a better way.  As I stated earlier, businesses these days have more than one web properties, so users have to gain access to all those in order to complete a task.  The single sign-on solution interlinked all the properties and makes users authentication simple, if they login to any of the resource, the solution recognized the sign in attempt as one for all the internet properties of the business.

The changes made on any of the web property is replicated on the others as well. Businesses can offer considerably more targeted services, if they have unified perspective of their customers.

The SSO method has gaining popularity and it is in high demand from the last few years.  It is implementing at a very fast pace by the businesses those have multiple web-properties.

The SSO solution saves users authentication time and improves their experience apart from this for businesses it saves their money.

Hence, we can say that it is a great solution of businesses with multiple web sites.

 If you are owning an online business with multiple websites, give it a try and boosts end users experience.

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