Tuesday, 25 November 2014

How Traditional user registration might kill your website!!

One of the most important factor for marketers is to get visitors converted to customers. This gets tough when you are dealing online as there is lots of sensitive information needed before closing the deal.

In early days, webmasters used traditional signup forms to complete the registration process. Soon, visitors start getting fed up of forms and start leaving the website after being asked to fill a form. This continues till today as there are many users who don't like filling up forms. Marketers now take extreme care while creating form and ask for only those details which are considered mandatory.

How Traditional user registration might kill your website!!

Since then social media platforms have evolved and there came a new way to sign-up - Social Login. Using social Login one can Login using his/her existing social media account like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others.

Why social Login is different??

The very first and foremost difference social login brings is the ease in the process of registration. In online world, visitors look for easy and effortless surfing which social login provides them. Besides this there are some other features of social login which are very helpful like:

  1. Lesser SPAM, as the user registration is validated using their social media accounts, there is very less chance of SPAM or fake registrations.
  2. Marketers get precious user profile data which helps in targeting users precisely.

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