Thursday, 27 November 2014

Why your business needs Social Login??

Social Login has become an essential part of websites now a days. It can do wonders to your site by increasing Sign-ups and traffic. Here are the complete in and outs about social login feature for those who don’t know about it and for those who want to know more about it. It starts with why do we need social login widget at all.

Importance of Data : Data is the key requirement for every business. The more data you have about your users, the better you understand them and the better marketing strategies you can make. The next question that arises in mind is how to gather this data as the user data is vast and gaining it is not a simple task.

The most traditional way to gather data is by asking users to fill and submit a registration form in order to get access to the site. But it has its own disadvantages. The first and the main one is that these sign-up forms are very lengthy and time consuming and nobody wants to wait this much time. Another major problem with these forms is to remember different different passwords which is quite annoying and last but not the least, can you be 100% sure that the data submitted by user is accurate?? All these factors question the reliability of sign up forms.

What is the solution : With all over one third of the world population being active on several social media accounts, it has become the next big thing for marketers and that’s where the concept of Social Login steps in. Social Login is being used as the best alternative of traditional sign-up forms.

What is Social Login : Social Login feature allows users to login to a website using their already existing social media accounts, like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, twitter and many more. It simplifies the procedure of sign up. All that users need to do is one click and within few seconds they are able to access the site.

Social Login

Using social login, businesses can start gaining 75% of users which they were potentially losing. It improves the number of sign-ups by simplifying the registration process and thus helps to attain better conversion rates. It also helps to get precious user profile data and build improved user engagement.

Key Reasons To Add Social Login : Here are some prime reasons to use social login for website :

  1. Number of sign-ups will be increased and content sharing will be improved too.
  2. Conversion rate will be high. In other words, you can be sure about users coming back to your site in future.
  3. You will be able to get a pre-validated email address. No need to send that confirmation mail.
  4. The data gathered by Social Login will be more accurate compared to the one gathered using sign-up forms.
  5. You will be able to create more targeted marketing campaigns and can offer much personalized experience to your audience.

Social Login is most widely used sign-up alternative now a days. Using Social Login to your site can help you in many ways.

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