Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Tips for Viral Marketing

Being considered “Viral” is like a dream come true for marketers. Here are all ins and outs about viral marketing including what it means to be viral, some examples of viral marketing and how one can make his content go viral.

What does it mean by VIRAL??

In the basic sense, getting viral means spreading something from one person to another in a larger number. Talking about Internet, getting viral means getting quick shares for the content. Some popular examples of Virality are the ice bucket challenge for ALS Research, the harlem shake and many more.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Generally a content that contains a message or theme which focus around creating emotions are the most effective ones. The most popular emotions conveyed via such content are anger, humour, shock, etc.

How to make your content go Viral??

Virality can be directly connected to the concept of network effects which implies that the more people share some content, the more value the content will get. Virality is a two way method. The producer needs to create amazing content and then the readers need to share that content in the large numbers and then only the content can be considered as VIRAL. Social media is a very helpful way which makes it possible.

But contrast to this, if the content is not being shared multiple times or it is not being spread over social networks, it can’t be considered viral.

So if one wants to make his content go viral, then proper understanding of audience is the prime requirement before starting the virality campaign.

Tips to improve viral potential :

1. Make it fresh : The best way to make sure that your content goes viral is to create fresh
   content for audience. If audience will find something new, it is most likely to be shared.

2. Make it interesting :  If people don’t find your content interesting, there is no way you can make them share it. So you need to understand your audience, their interests and then write
   something that audience find interesting and would love to share with their network.

3. Make it original : Nobody likes to read the same content over and over. In simpler words,
   everybody hates copycats. So to make sure that your content go viral, try to make your
   content as original as possible.

4. Make it easy to share : Last but the most important, it should be easy to share. If sharing takes too much time then users are never going to do it. That’s where Social Sharing steps in. Adding social sharing is very beneficial for your website but along with that it is also very essential to proper optimize social sharing on your content to make users share it.

These were the few tips to make your content go viral. To know about some popular Viral marketing examples, read the complete article here : Viral marketing Examples : Who does it best?

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