Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Latest Social Platform December Updates by LoginRadius

Latest Social Platform December Updates

In today’s technology era, it is very important to keep yourself updated with all latest technology updates in order to get the maximum benefit. Here is the list of all major upgrades and changes made at LoginRadius platform during December month.

1. Enhanced Social Login Interface performance :

One of the prime change made by LoginRadius is the enhanced performance of the interface related JSON api. With the help of Global CDN, serving interface configuration and caching feature is enabled. These two features will make sure that your interface configuration setting are cached and you can receive these directly from the nearest location.

These features will benefit your business with :

  • Improved loading speed
  • Global Distribution
  • More Scalable Solution

For pre-built interface users, these improvements are auto enabled. But for the users, who are using customers, they need to contact the support team to gain access to these features.

2. Latest Custom Interface Template - version 3 :

It is the prime goal of every business to enhance user experience as well as serving faster user interfaces. To that end, a new faster custom interface has been released by LoginRadius, named as Version 3 (v3) of custom interface.

Built with JavaScript, this template contains interface configuration in the local browser which helps to reduce the loading time of customer interface from few milliseconds to zero.

For users of custom interface, they need to contact the support team to get this custom template.

3. Addition of New Password Hashing Algorithm for Cloud Storage :

New Password Hashing Algorithm

Some powerful new password hashing algorithms have been added which will provide you more flexibility. These algorithms cover the most common technologies and CMSs. Using these algorithms, existing users can be migrated to cloud storage with the same password hashing algorithm that is being used by you.

The password hashing algorithms supported by LoginRadius are :

These are the few updates mentioned here. To know about more social platform updates made during December month, read the complete article here : LoginRadius Social Platform December Update

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