Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Four sure shot ways to reduce Customer acquisition costs

No matter if it’s a start up or well set establishment, businesses are always looking forward to reduce customer acquisition cost. This is one of the most important process every company should take care of.

Four sure shot ways to reduce Customer acquisition costs

Benefits of reducing customer acquisition cost

  • As said, every penny saved is penny earned. Reducing customer acquisition cost saves the budget you set for marketing. This means that marketer can invest that money to acquire more customers!
  • Improves the potential of business and boosts ROI.

Reducing customer acquisition cost

  • Reward loyal customers
    Every business has a bunch of loyal customer who keep on buying the product as there is a level of trust and respect created. These customers must be identified and appreciated. These are the people who are already in love with your product and services and giving them something extra will do wonders!
  • Increase customer retention
    Retaining an old customer is much easier than acquiring a new one. Make sure to keep a check on customer’s satisfaction. A satisfied customer might not get you customers but a dissatisfied customer when leaves, leaves a bad review which definitely harms the business. In the era of social media, one dissatisfied customer can ruin your reputation on Facebook or Twitter.
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