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How registration forms are killing your website traffic?

Sign-up is an important process for a website. With sign-up businesses get connected with their audience, obtain useful information and make sure that users will keep coming back. One of the most traditional as well as widely used sign-up process is by asking users to fill and submit a lengthy time consuming registration form. 
How registration forms are killing your website traffic?
But as per the research, 75% users leave the website on being asked to fill lengthy sign-up form which is obviously not a good sign.

Problems with User Registration Forms:
Typical registration forms are one of the most irritating experiences faced by online users almost every day. Here are some of the very common issues with traditional sign-up forms :

1. Endless fields of Sign-up forms :
Endless fields of Sign-up forms

A typical lengthy registration form which is asking users to fill up too many fields before letting them access your site is quite a turn off. Users want everything quick and easy and this traditional process is very time consuming thereby reducing signups.



CAPTCHA is another major issue which irritates online consumers. Every time they sign up to the website they need to decipher one CAPTCHA. Sometimes they are able to do it while sometimes they are trapped in it. Obviously, it is another turn off for your audience.

3. Validation email : Validation is one of the regular headaches for online users because sometimes visitors don’t get a validation mail, sometimes it is hidden in spam folder and above all, sometimes the link provided is not even valid. Quite a bad experience, isn’t it?

4. Troublesome Security Questions : Setting up several security questions is another complicated tasks. Security questions are being set so that even after forgetting their credentials, users can access the site. But many a times, users even forget the security questions too. So what’s the solution?

5. Password Fatigue

Password Fatigue

Last but definitely not the least, keeping track of different different usernames and passwords for all the different websites is not at all efficient. Many a times users forget their credentials just after the sign up. “Forgot password” process is another time consuming one. Study says 90% of users leave a website because they don’t remember their credentials.

How registration forms are hurting your business?

1. Low Conversion rates : 54 out of 100 users leave the site on being asked to fill time consuming sign-up form thereby increasing bounce rates and decreasing conversion rates.

2. Less Efficient decisions due to poor data : As per the survey 88% of users don’t fill the correct information in sign-up forms. What good it does if it is not accurate. Unreliable user data leads to poor business decisions.
3. Less Engaged Users : The ultimate goal of every business is to get engaged with the audience and keep them coming back but registration forms work as a big hurdle here. Even if users sign-up to your site, next time if they don’t remember their credentials they will go to your competitors thereby reducing traffic.

How to get rid of this problem?

Social Login
Social Login is a great alternative of traditional sign-up process. With social login, you can allow your audience to sign-in using their already existing social media credentials thereby simplifying the complicated sign-up process and improving sign-up rates. By adding social login to websites, apps, etc businesses can get higher conversion rates along with useful user profile data. As per the survey 75% of social media fans prefer social login over traditional sign-up process. Social login is a great contributor in high conversion rates. Know more about social login feature here

To know more about how registration forms are killing your website traffic, read the detailed article here : Are typical registration processes causing you to lose users?

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