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Drive Referral Traffic Using Social Sharing

Referral Traffic

Referral traffic hold great importance to any business. Getting desired referral traffic is the ultimate goal of an effective marketing campaign. The significance of referral traffic lies in the fact that the visitors coming through referral traffic are already interested in your business. Specially traffic coming from social sharing visit your website on a purpose. All these factors speak the importance of referral traffic for your business.

How adding Social Sharing buttons drive Referral Traffic :

Slowly and steadily social sharing buttons have turned out to be a great way of driving referral traffic for a website. Social Sharing buttons can be found everywhere from home pages to the content feeds to the blog posts. From small start-ups to large well set multi-national organization, everyone is taking social sharing into consideration in order to boost referral traffic to their website. Reason being social sharing makes it very easy to for users to share  your web content and product information within their social network thus improving social reach.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing buttons can be added to several places including :
  1. On Content like blog posts, e-books, images and videos.
  2. On Landing pages.
  3. In email campaigns.
  4. In admin section for the registered users for the website.

It is very wise choice to include social sharing in the marketing strategies for landing pages, Infographics, Press Release, Emaill Signature, Guest Blogging, etc.

Location of the Social Sharing buttons matter :

To enhance user experience, sharing process must be easy and quick. These buttons should be added to the place which is easy to locate. Some wise suggestions about the placement of social sharing factors are as below :

  1. The social sharing buttons can be added below the content such as blogs posts, landing page, etc.
  2. Adding social sharing buttons to the left side of the content is also a wise choice which ensures that that the sharing functionality is available everywhere.
  3. One can also add social sharing buttons near the Title post, in the top right side of the page.
  4. Last one is the most popular option now a days which allows you to add social sharing widgets in the content section.

How to maximize the Social Sharing benefits :

Adding social sharing buttons to your website delivers value but without proper optimization, all goes in vain. So here are some points that must be kept in mind while using Social Sharing features in order to get the best out of it :

  1. Display social sharing buttons to the noticeable places.
  2. Let users understand the difference between follow and share.
  3. Ask your users to share your content by mentioning “Share with friends” or “Like it?? Share with friends”
  4. Last but not the least, add only those social media networks which are most preferred by your target audience.
Find out about the Social Media driving the most referral traffic :
The key to success using Social Sharing buttons is to identify the social networks which are driving the maximum traffic to your business and then focus on them. By focusing your efforts on these social networks will result in great referral traffic.

Social Networking Channels driving most traffic

Some of the most popular social media networks which contribute in driving referral traffic are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Focusing on these networks will help in driving referral traffic to the website thereby allowing businesses to meet their return on investment.

Conclusion :

Social sharing plays an important role in driving referral traffic to a website. It converts your users into brand ambassadors and when used efficiently, turns out to be one of the best ways of boosting referral traffic.

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