Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Steps to add Social Login to a Website

In the past few years, Social Media has seen dramatic growth. Social media brought together billions of users on a single platform. It is continuously changing in order to enhance user experience. The biggest change social media has brought is by providing Social Login.

What is Social Login??

In the basic terms, Social login is a methodology of login using already existing social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Yahoo, etc. This process eliminates the use of hectic time consuming registration forms.

Benefits of Social Login :

Using Social Login is very beneficial for websites. It helps users to get rid of time consuming registration forms. Users don’t even need to remember another username and password. No need to send another confirmation mail to the email id of user. Last but the most important, you will be able to get accurate data. All that users need to do is one click and within few seconds, they are able to create account at your website. All these points clearly denote the significance of Social Login feature. While the sign-up process is hassle-free, visitors are more likely to do it which in turn brings traffic for your business.

How to add social login to Website?

How to use Social Login for your Website??

Using LoginRadius will help you to integrate Social Login on your website in the simplest possible way. When you use LoginRadius, you don’t need to research on different Social ID providers’ APIs and OpenID/OAuth protocols as LoginRadius maintains the API integrations for you. All these things will be managed by them only, thus making your process too simple. All you need is to signup for LoginRadius at their official website

Conclusion :

Social login can do wonders on your website. It just takes 10 to 15 minutes to add it and you don’t even require any programming skills. Benefits of adding social login are clearly visible.

To know more about Social Login, read the detailed article here : What is Social Login and how do I add it to a website?

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