Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Top Digital Marketing trends to survive in 2015

Top Digital Marketing trends to survive in 2015

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. In order to help marketers do advance preparation, here is the list of top digital marketing trends which will help your business to survive in 2015.

1. Social Signals and content marketing will rule the SEO world :

With the drastic evolution Social Media has seen in the past few years, it has become the next big thing for marketers. Google has taken several social signals like Facebook posts, +1s, tweets, etc into consideration as ranking factors. With all this going on, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that in the upcoming years SEO and Social media will work in a parallel way.

2. Too pushy Facebook pages will be degraded :

As per the recent Facebook algorithm update, Facebook is going to change the way businesses stories are seen in the news feed. It is going to reduce the chances of overly promotional pages being seen in the news feed. This algorithm update will enforce businesses to reconsider their Facebook marketing strategies and will provide users better experience along with creative content.

3. Integration of Social media in websites :

Adding social media to websites will help businesses with improved conversion rates, high social reach and increased traffic. Features like social login and social sharing if added to your website, benefit you with improved user engagement thereby driving more traffic. Considering the importance of Social media, it will become very essential to make your website social in the upcoming year. Many big organizations like Forbes, Mercedes and Nike have already started enjoying the success with these features.

4. Importance of mobile friendly websites will see new heights :

As per a recent report published by Marketing Land, “Social Sharing on Mobile devices increased by 30% in the second quarter of 2014 alone.” It clearly narrates the importance of a mobile friendly website. If your website is not optimized for mobile, then it’s high time to put some serious efforts in this direction. Mobile is the future and 2015 will make marketers put more efforts to make their website more mobile friendly.

These are the few digital marketing predictions listed here for the upcoming year. To know more digital marketing predictions, read the complete article here : 10 Digital marketing predictions for 2015

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