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How to track conversions in better way using google analytics

The key to operate a successful online business lies in regularly monitoring the campaigns, website performance, user engagement and other Key performance indicators. Failure to keep track of these factors, can lead to poor sales and outcome of the business.Google Analytics is the widely popular tool for monitoring and analyzing traffic for a business. To ensure the success of a business, using Google Analytics is must.

Google Analytics across the web :

Nikesh Arora who is the chief business officer in Google has stated in Marketing Land that currently over 10 million businesses are using Google Analytics tool to monitor the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. From small blogs to larger e-commerce websites, everyone is making use of Google Analytics tool to make their business strategies more efficient.

Google analytics provides information about the website traffic and helps webmasters to understand and interact with their audience.

Why to use Google Analytics?

Along with the website insights, Google Analytics also plays an important role in commercial success of your business. As stated in the recent report by Ecoconsultancy/Lynchpin, “More than 50% businesses use Google Analytics to monitor their traffic. Many companies make use of this tool along with some other popular Analytics tool and just 11% do not make use of any of it.” The prime aim behind using this tool is for conversion tracking. Along with this, the tool is also used for conversion optimization.

Key Conversion features of Google Analytics :

Definition of Conversion optimization differs from one organization to another. Conversion can be measured in several ways including user downloads or free reports or sign up or purchases. According to Ankur Sharma in Are your online conversion rates suffering or skyrocketing? “Every organization defines conversion in its own ways but one must make sure that the intended conversion rates must give you insights about your marketing campaigns and should help to make these more efficient.

The most popular conversion features of Google Analytics are as below :

1. Attribute Model Comparison Tool : This tool is the reflection of your marketing campaigns or efforts. This provides measurement of how successful your keywords and referral sources are.

2. E-commerce Reporting : This tool gives you insights regarding which of your products are working best and which of the promotions are doing most benefit for your business. This tool helps to understand the audience behavior.
3. Goal Flow : Using this tool will make you familiar with the likes and dislikes of your audience. That way you can understand the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

4. Goals : This tool helps to monitor user activities on your website. It gives you idea about downloads, signups and many more useful factors.

Social Analytics :

Apart from Google Analytics, companies use other analytics tools too. One of the important analytics tool in current times is Social Analytics. With Social Media getting popular day by day, Social Analytics has turned out to be a strong tool to monitor the social media presence of audience.

By using Social Analytics, company can :
  1. Listen to their audience and understand their preferences.
  2. Keep track of latest trends.
  3. Gather insights about customer behavior.

In summary, social analytics helps in building up more efficient marketing strategies, understanding the audience behavior and making the campaigns more successful.

Social Analytics by LoginRadius :

With lots of traffic to the website being driven from several Social media platform, the importance of Social Analytics tool has been increasing day by day. Social Analytics tool by LoginRadius contributes in improving the conversion rates which is the prime goal of any business.

Social Analytics by LoginRadius

Using this Social Analytics tool, one can monitor social reach of the business and can make more targeted business strategies with the help of precious insights provided by it. It offers much more in-depth data and analysis on your audience and business reach. The three main measurement offered by this tool are :

  1. User Analytics : In-depth analysis of the likes, dislikes, interests, etc of your audience.
  2. Activities Analytics : It provides data regarding what your audience is doing on your site as well as social networks.
  3. Social Reach : It offers data about the reach of your business.

Conclusion :

Analytics play an important role in achieving the desired conversion rates of any business. Tools like Google Analytics, Social Analytics, etc offer very useful insights regarding to the business which help to make better business strategies.

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