Friday, 5 December 2014

Social Login and Social Sharing for ZenCart

Converting visitors to customers is the prime challenge faced by all e-commerce websites. Poor sign-up rate directly impact the sales and profit. Another challenge faced is the lack of user understanding. All these factors prevent a ZenCart e-commerce gain significant revenue everyday.

What is the solution??

Social Login & Sharing Plugin by LoginRadius help to improve the visitor conversion and also helps to bring back those users that you were losing. These plugin can be easily downloaded from here. All that you need to do is to download the plugin and browse the support documents here.

Using this plugin in your ZenCart e-commerce website will allow your users to sign in using their already existing social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc which will lead them to a simple, hassle-free signup in process. Users don’t need to fill that time consuming sign up form. They don’t even need to remember another set of username and password. You need not to send that verification mail and the data gained is accurate. All these factors contribute to the improved sign up rates. Apart from all these, Customers can also share your products with their social network which in turn will improve your business reach and also helps to boost traffic.

Social Login for your ZenCart e-commerce site :

When the customers sign in to your website using Social Login, it captures the user social profile data which offers 20 plus different types of data points. This data helps in understanding user preferences which in turn allow you to make better marketing campaigns. Using social login to your website will increase number of sign-ups and boost traffic to your website.

Social Sharing for your ZenCart e-commerce site :

Adding social sharing widget to your online store will allow users to share your webstore products on their social profile which will improve your business reach. Exposing your content to such a wide audience will result in drastic change in the referral traffic to your website. There are some other advanced features too which play important role in making your website social.

The world of e-commerce has always been challenging and to maintain or improve the position of your website in this competitive world, use of this plugin is a must. It just takes 10 to 15 minutes to add this social login and sharing plugin to your ZenCart e-commerce website. The step by step instruction guide to use this plugin on your site has been provided here

To know more about this plugin for your ZenCart e-commerce site, read the complete article here : Social Login and Social Sharing Plugin for ZenCart e-commerce website.

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