Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Learn how to add Xing and Mail.ru as Social ID Provider

In today’s technical era, to stay on the top, it is essential to make technical changes to enhance the user experience. LoginRadius is continuously working towards adding some new features which can help you to improve your business.

So here is the summary of all the latest feature additions and important updates which are made by Social ID providers, LoginRadius and others. These updates will contribute a lot to bring your business on top.

Below is the list of the major updates provided by LoginRadius :

  1. Addition of New ID Providers : LoginRadius has welcomed two new ID providers, Xing and mail.Ru, making total of 33 email clients and Social ID providers. You can find the complete Social Profile data for these two from us. Detailed listing of the data points can be found in our Social profile data section.

  1. Xing : A great alternative of Linkedin in European Countries with approx 6.3 million registered users.

             Website : http://xing.com/
             Wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XING
        To enable Xing to your Login Radius account, you need to follow the steps as  
  1. mail.Ru : The second major addition is the popular email service provider of Russia and neighbouring countries, known as mail.Ru with approx 30 million users registered on it.
               Website : http://www.mail.ru/
               Wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mail.Ru

        To make benefit of this addition, follow the step provided here :  

  1. Additional User Profile Data : The more you know about your audience, the better experience you can provide them. We have added two more fields related to user profile image to LoginRadius User Profile Data set.
  1. Gravatar Image Url : Gravatar, the widely known avatar has been added to our Social profile Data section. Using this, you can also get user’s current profile image along with social profile image.
  2. Multiple Images as Array : Another feature added gives the user opportunity to choose the perfect User profile image among different different size of images.
     Find here complete list of Social profile data set :     
There are many more major upgrades, that can contribute great to give your users more personalized experience and to understand their behavior..

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