Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Tips For Social Sharing Implementation

It is very important for business that the end users talk positive about the experience with the company. Marketers and web owners put lots of effort to make users recommend their services and products to their loved ones. Social Sharing is the most effective and inexpensive method of facilitate this.

Social Sharing Buttons

Whether it is a small start up company or it is a multi national company, every organization is making use of Social Sharing feature to boost traffic. Many business organizations have experienced success in getting share about product and services from their users.

But to get the best out of it, proper implementation of Social Sharing is a must. Proper optimization of these Social Share buttons ensures the success of your business. While adding Social Sharing buttons is the primary step, proper optimization of these buttons is the crucial second step. Some real world examples of getting success by using Social Sharing buttons, will help you to learn the use of Social Sharing effectively.

  1. Use of Social Sharing by eCommerce Site :  Social Sharing is an effective way to increase socialization of an online site. It helps to promote your business. By using this hassle free way, customers can share your products with their friends and family and that way, sales potential will be increased. Almost all pages of an eCommerce websites make use of Social Sharing buttons, let’s explore some :

  1. Product Page : After finding the product, what stops users from buying it?? Well, it’s uncertainty and Social Sharing helps them with that. It provides them the option to share the product with their Social Network and then get feedback about it. Sharing a product immediately increases the chances of purchase. It also improves the reach of your website. There are several way of placement of Social Sharing Buttons on the page. For eg. Social Sharing widget is placed just below the product image on Walmart so that customers can’t ignore it. Similarly, Clark Street Sports, places these widget just below the product name and above ‘Add To Cart’ button. Proper placement of these buttons is essential to get good results.

Social Sharing Buttons Implementation

  1. Wishlist : Wishlist is another way of converting their  current visitors into future  
          customers in case they don’t want to make a purchase right now.  With the help  of  
          Social Sharing buttons, they can share their Wishlist with their friends and family
          which increases your site popularity. Placement of Social Buttons for sharing wishlist
          differs from one place to another such as Amazon places  social sharing widget to the
          top right corner while on the other hand Flipkart makes user of these by placing just
          below the “My  Wishlist” button.

  1. Thank You Page : Thank you pages are important to build a relationship with customers. By adding Social Sharing buttons here, customers get the opportunity to share their excitement with their friend circle.  Placement of  Social Sharing also  vary from one site to another like  the thank you page of Amazon  contains the brief description about the product and along with that the Social Sharing buttons.

Social Sharing Buttons Implementation

There are many more use cases, examples and tips to make the best out of Social Sharing.  To know about them, read the complete article here :

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